Terms and Conditions for Use of Materials, Seal, or Logo

Your purchase of any Green Clean Program is subject to these terms.  Your purchase of the program constitutes your agreement with these terms, and you agree to be held responsible for any misuse of the materials or services.  If you do not agree to these terms, do not purchase the training materials.  All rights to use copyright or trademark materials END no more than one year after enrollment unless updated/renewed!

1- All materials provided to the purchaser are subject to copyright.  Additionally, these materials cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed freely or for monetary gain except as provided by expressed permission of the Green Clean Institute, Inc.

2- The Green Clean Institute Certified trademark is the property of the Green Clean Institute Inc, and its use is limited to the display of the trademark as set out in this website.  You must maintain your good standing with the Green Clean Institute to continue to make use of the trademark.

3- Only Firm Certifications may use the GCI certification seal for publication on websites, business or advertising materials.  Individual certifications of Technician, Manager, Executive and/or Consultant may ONLY use the Green Clean Institute seal on personal business cards.

5- Individual and firm certification are not the same process or provision.  Individual certification applies only to the individual earning the certification, not the company, which is another legal entity.  The firm certification outlined in this website provides for both individual and firm certification.

5- Change of STATUS of your firm is based upon: 1: Completion of the required educational course, test or audit; and 2) Payment of fees due for the certification.

6- All purchases are final since the material is made available immediately, there is no refund offered.  Full delivery is accomplished with the sending of the link to the download site for the materials.  Failure  to use, pass, or apply the information is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

7- Green Clean Institute Certification refers to the educational process provided to the students and does not imply or guarantee the actions or performance of the person or firm who has been educated.  The person or firm agrees to "Hold Harmless" Green Clean Institute for any failure to perform as a cleaning service or to provide a Green Clean product or service to his or her accounts.

8- The wrongful and willful display or use of the Green Clean Institute Certified trademark is subject to a liquidated damages fine of $1000 for every thirty days of violation. Failure to renew certification requires the individuals or company(ies) requires the removal of any and all trademark materials from the company's advertising.

9- Certification programs are for a period of one year (twelve months).  Your firm will renew each year for the same price, we do not increase price for renewing participants.

Green Clean Institute is an education-only firm, providing education and promotion of Green Clean Practices to the janitorial and cleaning industry.  There is no implied or intended warrantee of the services of the various students of our program.