The Biggest Reason to strive to
create a Green & Healthy Building

Going Green has been a fad in the early days, but now Green stands for Health.  Toxic buildings happen after years of standards action that include the cleaning service bringing in hundreds of gallons of cleaning chemicals each year.  While management decides on the lowest price for the cleaning program, workers struggle with fatigue, allergies, asthma, mysterious headaches, and sick days go up.

Toxic buildings happen through neglect, and Healthy building are restored though proactive measures that reverse the chemical influx and poor cleaning methods.

It's not Green unless it is actually Certified Green


Worker Health and Green Building

GCI Education and Certification Opportunities

The Green Clean Institute offers various special educational programs that your organization may wish to offer to your staff or students.  As a truly independent organization without product loyalties, our courses are informative and useful for those in the cleaning services.  GCI certification is a non-biased reviews of the integrity of representations for Green and Healthy products or equipment.

Workforce Centers  Colleges & Universities   Hospital & Health Care   Product Certification 

Our online courses can be taught in a classroom setting.  With a qualified trainer, your organization can offer the GCI certification courses.

We work with work-related training centers, workforce centers, job rehabilitation, pre-release program, and work-challenged support programs.

Educate and Train your in-house facility maintenance staff with GCI courses, designed with an emphasis on improving indoor environments.  

These ISSA verified courses provide a great foundation for existing and new staff with monthly updates to employ best practices in sustainable cleaning.

 Environmental Services staff in healthcare settings are required to have knowledge on subjects this education and training outlines.  This ISSA verified EVS program covers the special challenges found in healthcare facilities.

Provided in monthly installments, busy staff have a compliance option.

 GCI certification is not like other reviews that require exhaustive testing and high fee.  If your company has the independent reviews to prove the claims made, our job is to assure public confidence.  

GCI is an Independent third party that can validate the sincerity and fairness of claims made.  

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