Truth in Labeling for Green Product Certification

An independent review of a Green product or service brings consumer confidence in the advertised boast that stretch and abuse the facts.  The Green Clean Institute does not sell products.  The GCI product or service certification is what we call "Truth in Labelling" review.  We verify the ingredients against the know toxic chemical registers.  Our goal is to help great Green products and services get the support of a truly independent national certification organization.

We recommend these products and Service as "Truly Green and Trustworthy"

AXI InternationalChrisal USA ProbioticsEarthstone International
NeoSan LabsIndoor Air Quality TestingPureBiotics Probiotics

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get your Product or Service Certified by an Independent Certification Organization ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Credibility is rare in product advertising.  "Green", "Organic". "Natural" have been heavily-abused terms.

Green Clean Institute Certified tells your customers that your product or service is Truly Green and Certified