Truth in Labeling for Green Product Certification

GCI introduces Green SEO Marketing with for anyone with a great product or serfice.  You get two levels of value for amazing price.  

  1. Qualify with GCI for the GCI Green Certified label that can be use in your product, advertising, and website.  More than a "Pay for Certification", our program does a professional review of the merits of your product or service.  Complete the application and our staff will provide a response in roughly seven days.  The GCI logo is an assurance of "Truth in Advertising of Green" products.
  2. We promote your product on the high-traffic websites of Green Clean Institute and Best Janitorial Directory.  We will publish positive and high-SEO value articles that will give your company or service exposure to the sprecialized market in the Green cleaning market.
  3. Our SEO team uses