Truth in Labeling for Green Product Certification

Green is popular!  The proof is that every cleaning product and clean product claims to be Green.  But, how does anyone know if these bold claims are true, half-true, or outright deceptions?  The word "Organic" means the ingredient was once alive.  "Natural" means that the ingredient came from a natural source.  "Biodegradable" means that the product breaks down into inert substance.  But, the truth is that one ounce of a good ingredient is often used to mask the other bad ingredients in the product.

The Green Clean Institute offers the "Truth in Labeling" program whereby reputable and quality Green cleaning products, services, and equipment can go through a review process that could earn the "Green Clean Institute Certified" seal.  If the product qualifies, your company gets:

  1. Use of the seal on product and advertising from year to year.
  2. The ability to have articles posted on the Google Page One that almost always go to Google Page One for that title.
  3. Listing on our approved page so people can "Check your product Out" on a neutral website

Sure, you can do your own "Chest Beating" type advertising, but the value of a credible Third Part certification based on a fair and honest set of important and crucial standards allow customers to trust your product advertising is honest and fair.

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