Champions for Change

In 2015, the administrative building was recognized as Green Clean Institute’s (GCI) first gold-certified building on an Indian reservation. According to Baidwan, tribal council was so pleased with this achievement that it set the goal to have two additional buildings certified over the next two years.

“Our goal has been to move away from the traditional role of cleaning toward a green standard, and for the most part, we’ve accomplished this,” he says. “We want to have healthy buildings, because if we have healthy buildings then hopefully, by extension, we have healthy building occupants.”

Under Baidwan’s direction, the custodial department is reaping the rewards of its labor and receiving accolades from other staff members, as well as the public. 

“My crew has done an amazing job embracing these changes,” notes Baidwan. “We’re reaping the benefits not only for ourselves as a crew, but our buildings are in great shape. We get, on average, close to 30 emails a month from building occupants saying thank you for doing such a good job.”  

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