Green & Healthy Building Partnership (BSC Program)

Meet Frank, your Online Professional Trainer

Frank is our professional trainer in all six of the GCI Green Technician courses.  So, here is how it works. To earn GCI Silver Firm certificaton ... train your workers with our video course.  Available 24/7/365 so new workers can be trained as hired.

Coures ahora en español. Seis videos en línea en inglés y español.

When your company signs up as a GCI member, we send you the link to all six courses.  Each course is about 20 minutes long, and there is no time limit to take the course.  These video courses can be viewed on a smart phone, iPad, computer, or shown on a large screen for a group.  It has never been easier.  There is a test after video six, and certificates are sent to your office for distribution.

Frank is a great trainer, and the information is very informative.  The GCI Green Cleaning Technician is always available 24/7/365.  So, any employee turnover needs can be easily brought up to speed.  All courses are immediately available.  We issue the GCI Silver firm certification when your people have taken their training.  The GCI Silver firm certification looks great in your bid packages.


EDUCATION is always the proper starting point.  Training workers is a fundamental task.  We have a series of six video modules that can be shown to a group or taken individually.  A simple online verifies the progress of each staff member.  This course is ALL your worker, including managers, staff, and owners.  We want everyone on the same page.

When your staff is trained, we will send the parchment certificate for your GCI Silver Firm certification, that can be included in bids.  We also list your company on our directory so customers can verify your status, and maybe you'll get some extra business.  

NEXT, any GCI Silver Firm can earn their GCI Gold Firm certificate when one or more of the company's accounts qualify under the GHBP point system (350 pts needed).  There is no charge to the cleaning company for this upgrade.  And, you can qualify as many accounts as you like with the GHBP system.  The account pays $250 for the Green and Healthy Building Partnership award, which is extremely affordable for something with great public relations value.

A GCI Siver Firm has a trained staff ready to deliver a Green cleaning service.  A GCI Gold Firm earns Gold certification by qualifying one or more accounts under the GHBP system. Simple, transparent, honest, and uncomplicated.  (Download GHBP points PDF)

Annual Subscription Payment Options

Green Clean Technician training

$100 for one person - No Firm Cert included

Green Cleaning Technician 20

$360 for up to twenty staff

Green Cleaning Technician 50

$640 for up to fifty staff

Green Clean Technician 100

$1200 for up to one hundred staff

Green Cleaning Technician

$1995 for up to two hundred staff

You may upgrade your certification program at any time during the year for the difference in the package cost, but your anniversary date will not change.  

RENEWS are the same price each year.  Once you start your program, your price will NEVER go up ... unless you lapse for more than 90 days.

We add new CEU courses each year that we hope your staff will enjoy.  They are video courses too, and easy to follow.