Green & Healthy Building Partnership (BSC Program)


Green and Healthy Building PartnershipThe new pricing for the Green & Healthy Building Partnership (GHBP) certification is available in two payment methods (monthly or annual).  At these low per-person fees, we ask that you provide the online courses for all your people even if you don't have 100% participation.  The GHBP Green Cleaning Technician course (101 and 102) and certificate should be available to all team members and new hires.  Make this course part of your new hire training requirements.

We ask your managers/owners to take the GHBP Tech 101-102 as well, but also take the GHBP Manager 201 to discover how to turn your GHBP firm certificaion into a dynamic value to your best, proactive accounts.  If any account qualifies using the GHBP point system checklist, they can be awarded the Green and Healthy Building Partnership door logo, and adds value in the customer's eyes.  Great bid package value add.....

1)  Twelve (12) monthly payment commitment that is continunually renewed.  Included in the option selected is a monthly/yearly fee that is billed to that account.  Payment are processed through PayPal, but you can use any credit card you like  You will get the links for the online courses, and workers (existing or new) will get their certificate when they complete the online test.  Courses are offered in English only.  Ask for PowerPoint for group classes with translator.

Monthly or Annual Subscription Payment Options

(Max 20 or 50 workers)


Individual Courses are also available for purchase 

If you only want the GCI Green Cleaning courses, we have those for purchase as well.  We have a growing number of courses, you may enjoy.  Fees include online course, testing, and certificate issued by our office.

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