Green & Healthy Building Partnership (BSC Program)


Green Cleaning CertificationAs a GCI Green Clean Certiifed Firm, your workers get a certificate at the completion of their online trianing, and your firm receives the GCI Green Clean Institute Certified Firm certificate as well.  This tells the community that your service is a credible Green Cleaning operation.  In a highly competitive market, your company need to offer more tha a good cleaning program.  So, adding the GCI Green Cleaning Certified Firm paperwork to your bid is an true advantage.

Green and Healthy Building PartnershipBut, now there is more you can bring, and other firms cannot match this value.  Your organization is now trained and capable of delivering a Green and Healthy building to your customers.  More than bragging about your service, if your managers can accumlate points by implementing Green Cleaning Practices, you can bring them a nationally and internationally recognized Green and Healthy building certification.

After earning the GCI Green Institute certificaiton, you can gradually improve the cleaning program with making modest, but important, changes to the cleaning program.  Use the easy-to-follow GHSP point system to varify the improvements, and you can certify your best accounts with the Green and Healthy Building Partnership.

Annual Subscription Payment Options

(Max 20 or 50 workers)



Individual Courses are also available for purchase 

If you only want the GCI Green Cleaning courses, we have those for purchase as well.  We have a growing number of courses, you may enjoy.  Fees include online course, testing, and certificate issued by our office.

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