green building

CSI Qualfies the PECO Building

PECO Green Building AwardCSI International has been a well-known and high-quality cleaning service in the Newtown, PA area with branches in several states.  CSI has worked with the Green Clean Institute to certifiy the PECO building in Philadelphia, PA.  This is a LEED certified building and is therefore well-positioned to earn the GCI Green Cleaned building award.

According to the Green Clean Institute, roughly 95% of buildings are not eligable or prepared to go through the cost and demands of the LEED certification.  However, there are many buildings that are making improvements to their daily operations that we call "Progressive Greening."  Progressive Greening of a building or office means making measurable progress to improve the cleaning program and the health quality of the building.

Worcester City Hall Earns the Green Cleaned Building Award

Worchester City HallNot all buildings are built as Green or efficient.  New buildings can include the latest designs and energy-saving features.  The cost to renovate older buildings can be prohibitive and interrupt business for months and years.  So, we asked the question, "What can any building do to improve the Green and Healthy aspect of new or older buildings by simply transitioning existing factors within the building?"

Transitioning to safer, healthier, and Greener operations can be: pest control, recycling trash, and cleaning services.  Could Greening a Building be accomplished in intermediate stages?  Like many lifestyle processes, Green and Healthy practices are not only progressive but they are part of the ongoing efforts.