Guaranteed Results and No Cost Marketing

Janitorial service marketingGET STARTED by earning your GCI Green Firm certification.  Our program focuses on the education & certification of your staff and workers.

Earn your GCI Green Firm certification by training your workers with the GCI online courses.  Everything for just $540 on the GET STARTED page.

  1. You can train & certify up to twenty of your workers with online GCI Green Cleaning Technician (English & Spanish)
  2. Earn a GCI Firm certification for you service and use the GCI Green certified logo for your advertising
  3. You also get access to our Infection Control course for your workers
  4. We help find you NEW HIRES from our network
  5. You get a listing on that boosts your SEO power on the Internet.

Then, add BizConnect for Guaranteed New Accounts to GROW YOUR BUSINESS:

   GROW YOUR BUSINESS, replacing lost accounts, and finding new accounts are huge, huge challenges that typical advertising meekly promises to solve.  The Green Clean Institute has partnered with an exciting marketing program that does more than promise results when they take your money.  BizConnect either delivers you new accounts or fully refunds 100% of your fees.

BizConnect is a new, well-financed, powerful B2B search engine that is positioned to turn a struggling business into a profitable and growing business.  As we recover from the pandemic and lockdown, expect that there will be a steady growth of returning and new businesses in every state.  This is sheer opportunity for any cleaning service that wanting to leverage this growth into a very-profitable business.  

Most janitorial services are Business-to-Business (B2B) operations, so spending money on B2C searches and social media is a waste advertising dollars and resources.  A true B2B search engine is exactly the right solution where your company isn't fighting for page one or top page position.  With BizConnect, you will be one of three cleaning services and you'll have top-of-page exposure.  

In our industry, one good cleaning account can be $3000 to $4000 per month in revenue.  But, if no one can find your service in the hundreds of other listings, you will always play catchup and miss out on the accounts that could rocket your company to new heights.  Worse yet, if you lose one or two accounts, your company quickly starts to fail.  Imagine a marketing tool that you can turn on or off at any time.  This is better than paying a sales person who promises more than they delivery.  Start with a simple $500 to start getting reslts.  You have the full money-back gaurantee as any company enjoys.

Most advertising is "Pay and Pray" that the advertising or marketing brings in new business.  Through the relationship of the Green Clean Institute and BizConnect, we are bringing multi-million dollar marketing that has a "No Cost Guarantee".  If the program doesn't produce more than you paid, you get 100% of your money back.  What advertiser can match that offer?


ONLY THREE LISTING PER CITY means you get the advantage of a million-dollar marketing and advertising program that literally targets commercial accounts in your area.  Frankly, most companies can't duplicate these programs no matter what they pay to marketing services.  BizConnect has brought together a powerful marketing and sales organizations to create the ultimate B2B network.   The program only gets better month by month as thousands of new area businesses are onboarded.  That means more and more new opportunities every month.