Samaritan Shield Receives GCI Green Product Certification

Samaritan ShieldThe Green Clean Institute has been the champion of "Truth in Labeling" when it comes to any product, but in particular Green products.  All too often, the hype does not live up to expectation.  

The Green Clean Institute is pleased to recognize the Samaritan Shield Spray and Wipe products as a GCI Green certified products.  In a time when we all need to be more careful about what we touch and who else has touched our keyboard, the copier, or mouse; the Samaritan Shield products are a handy solution.  The GCI Green product certification is a considered review of the ingredients and safety of any product on the market.

A Green product is primarily one that does the job without compromising the health of the cleaning crew or the working staff.  Sustainability refers to the source of the product, packaging, and resources used.  This product rates well in all the above categories, and the advertising is very clear and the claims are proper.

One of the exceptional benefits of the Samaritan Shield Spray or Wipes is the conitunued sanitizing impact.  The product promises to provide sanitizing protection for 10 to 21 days after application which is a great value in the workplace environment.

Samaritan Shield Clear Coat Cleaner Protectorant leaves behind a sustainable protecctive shield for sustained protection.  Formula has a proven efficacy of over 99.99%+ against multiple pathogens.  Samaritan Shield continues to protect surfaces from contaminants for a minimum of 24 hours, and up to 21 days depending on traffic in the environment.  Formulated with 100% responsible and sustainable materials.

The Green Clean Institute has reviewed and evaluated these product and found that the products are a credible addition to any office, school, workplace, etc.