Green Cleaning Basics

Green Cleaning BasicsFor those wondering whether Green cleaning has seen better days.  Or, maybe believe that no one cares about Green cleaning any more.  Think again.  The big mistake was thinking that Green was about the environment, energy savings, recycling trash, and building design.  Green has been, and continues to be about the quality of the building environment and the health of the workers in that building.

Look at the typical plant.  If it is GREEN, it is probably healthy.  If it is brown, it is sick or dying.  A green forest is healthy, and a forest of yellow or brown trees is dying.  From a simple example of nature, green has been an indication of health.  

Sustainability is the other word you may have heard in proximity to Green, but sustainability refers to how we use and abuse our natural resources.  That is important, but has very little to do with the health quotient of the workplace, school, day care, gym, public building, or home.  Green cleaning services have some impact on sustainable decisions, but they have a great deal to do with the health of the building where workers spend 8-10 hours of each and every workday.

Cleaning services may bring in hundreds of gallons/pounds to cleaning products.  Honestly, where do these product go?  Some go down the drain to affect our water ways and water systems.  Other chemical "volatilize" or evaporate.  They turn into gases ... bad gases referred to as VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds that waft about for days after their use in the closed system of the building HVAC system.