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GCI Green Citiy Green BuildingThe Green Clean Institute has stood as an independent training and certification organization for nearly fifteen years.  GCI does not sell or endorse product, but offers education, independent reviews, and programing to promote Green and healthy buildings.  Thus far in the Green building efforts that are well-know, less than 5% of buildings are certified Green buildings.  Sadly, current Green building certifications are expensive, time-consuming, and take a lengthy process to achieve. This forces the vast majority of buildings out of the serious Green building programs.

The adoption program is easy.  Once a city is enlisted, GCI will offer two free, two-hour courses for all maintenance service, cleaning services, independent building maintenance, and maintenance supervisors to attend.  (Not intended for service workers) The program is easy to understand, and the results are nearly immediate.  Many company are trending toward Green products anyway, so learning how to organize a Green City Project is extremely simple.

City Officials, Environmental agencies/organization, and Community Leader can install the GCI Green City Project in a few weeks and see results in about 90 days as building after building is properly qualified for the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.  

Please contact our office or fill in the form below for our city manager to contact you and discuss this powerful and helpful program.

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