Earn GCI Gold Firm Certification

Green Cleaning Certification

Green Cleaning ServiceWhile many of your competitors falsely boast about Green cleaning, we offer our cleaning service the chance to prove your superior Green Clening service.  With the Green Clean Institute, the process is honest, transparent, and builds your community reputation.  In 2019, your firm can move from GCI Silver Firm at not cost to your company.  You only need to complete the GHBP form for one or more of your best accounts.  If that accounts collects 350 points or more, we will issue the Green and Healthy Building Partnership award to that account.

Think of this as a huge PR impact in your community.  If you follow our publicity guideline, we believe that one GHBP award will lead to others.  Your service can boast of more than a few Green cleaning products on the cart.  Your service can bring the Green and Healthy Building Partnership award via your honest Green cleaning service.

The GHBP award also builds loyalty as it was your service that initally qualified (silver level) via our worker training and certification process.  When your company honestly qualifies just ONE ACCOUNT as a GHBP award location, your company goes to GCI Gold Firm certification with no additional fee to your service.  How simple is that.  Just download and print the form provided below, check off the things you already do and improve areas needed to get enough points.  


When you qualify an account with the GHBP checklist, we will send you the steps to make this a big marketing event for your company.  If one company gets publicity and value from the program, others will want it as well.  Then, there is the ability to make this a community pride issue that allows news media, community leaders, and others to promote your service even more.