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Green Clean Institute Manager Course

Free Cleaning CourseYes, it is true.  There is something new and powerful that you need to see.  So, we are offering a free look at our GCI Manager Course.  This 100% online, easy to understand, and very impressive.

This course is for owners, staff, purchasing agents, and managers of serious cleaning or janitorial services.  In this material, you will find out how to finally use your Green credentials to powerfully market your company and outclass your competition, who are Green Pretenders anyway.

This brief course will introduce the GHBP software, that is free to use.  And, you will finally see that your service can actually deliver what other companies only promise.  If you see the end of the program instead of the pieces, we think you will see how the Green Clean Institute has finally mastered the keys for a truly Green cleaning service and turned it into a powerful marketing concept.

Remember, this is free ... for a limited time.  You'll need the link and passcode, so please take 30 seconds to let us know that you want to see our brand new GCI Manager Course.