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The four step Green product certification starts with completing the application form.  We take roughly 30 days to do our review that is an actual assessment by an auditor to validate claims, review documentation, and check ingredients against national and international dangerous ingredient lists.  Supply support for claims with your application.  Certification follows, or funds are refunded if the product is not approved.  GCI will promote each certification by articles of interest and insight, and your company can use our GCIC seal on advertising and labels as long as it maintains our requirements.

Green and Healthy Third Party Review

First of all, our review is not a product certification program like Green Seal, nor are we a testing lab.  Our purpose is to prevent improper environmental claims and obvious misleading statements for your product or service.  This is a "Truth in Labeling" program in support of FTC demands and product integrity.

The Green Clean Institute is not a testing or research facility.  The product applicant must supply support documentation in support of its claims, which are best if from an independent source.  Our review is an evaluation of accurate and honest representation for a Green or sustainable product. 

No Greenwashing, Just Plain Facts Please!

Greenwashing has been described as over-exaggeration or false claims as to the Green or environmental value of a product or service.  To prevent this, an independent third party should review the obvious elements of the product and the claims being made.  In other words, we look at the veracity of your product or service.  We are not a testing lab.  If that is needed, there are firms that will do that.  Green Clean Institute relies upon existing verification information that consumers would appreciate, and we validate the legitimacy of the claims being made as it were a customer.

Therefore, if your product is not fairly presented and makes inappropriate Green claims, we are not a rubber stamp program.  However, if your product meets the minimum allowable points and it would be helpful to have a third-party review of your representations, our program may prove helpful.

A Third-Party Review from a Consumer Perspective

We charge $1500 to conduct a thorough review of any product or service.  You will be asked supply a sample of your product and all supporting information that validates those claims.  We are not a testing program.  We only review the product claims for fairness.  When the review is done, a full report of our finding will be issued that should dispel Greenwashing claims and instill consumer confidence.

To be fair to any applicants, certification fees will be refunded if we find that we cannot verify your product at a minimum of 5 points out of the 10 in our system.  Our goal is not collect fees or rubber stamp any product. However, if your product is a quality offering and fairly promoted, we are happy to review and certify it as a GCI Certified product usable by GCI Certified operations and frontline Technicians.

We seek to validate the following issues.  Your job is to provide support for your claims:

EP1.0 - Truth in Advertising
EP2.0 - Natural or Organic Ingredients
EP3.0 - Recycled Content or Packaging
EP4.0 - Fragrance and Coloring
EP5.0 - pH Range
EP6.0 - Known Dangerous Ingredients
EP7.0 - Concentrates or Source Reduction

This program is renewed annually, and any changes to the product or claims require updating our records each year.  Use of the Green Clean Institute seal is allowed only during the period of active annual review.  Should the review lapse by one year, the process will be treated as a new application and charge.  Any interim product changes should be addressed in the annual renewal process.

We encourage you to view the Product Certification Guide and pre-evaluate your product based on the transparent values we will be using during the review.  Should you have further questions, please contact office@greencleaninstitute.com or call (815) 793-7043

Product Certification Guide


Green Clean Institute does not endorse any product.  The provision of a third-party review is a service rendered requiring a thorough review process.  Products that demonstrate a high level of Green potential and lack of detrimental factors are verified for the accuracy of representations as a Green product.  Our third-party review allows the public to have greater confidence in products making Green claims.

Any company wishing to submit for a unbiased review of a Green product or service must follow a substantial review of its offering(s).  There is no promise of certification until a full review is completed.  More info ...