Bid Process for Hiring a Janitorial Service

Low Bid Janitorial ServiceThe way businesses hire a janitorial service is what some have called "A Race to the Bottom".  Commonly, a company will put out a bidding offer outlining the specifications for the job.  In fact, the bid specifications are used to calculate the cost to provide the service, and square footage is usually the bottom line.

Like any cleaning task, there is the best way to do the job, the "Getting By" way to do the job, and the "Cut Rate" way to do the job.  When price is used as the primary determination of which cleaning service will get the job, it is unlikely that the building will fair well when the ill-trained workers with cheap product, old equipment, and a mad rush to move on to the next job is how the low bid is supported.

We believe that most cleaning services are "Task Oriented", not "Value Oriented".  The narrow profits are only possible by cutting corners, stretching worker duties, and doing only enough to keep customers from complaining.  Regardless of advertising claims and website boasting, the lowest bid is usually not going to deliver the job businesses should require.  It may be clean (kinda), but it won't be very Green or healthy.

Now, consider that "Chemical Sensitivity" is now recognized as a disability by the Department of Labor, ADA, OSHA, and EEOC.  No need for an attorney by one or more suffering employees.  They just need to file a complaint, and in due course, some regulator shows up to investigate.

Now, what is the wisdom and regret over hiring the lowest-bid cleaning service?  Don't you wish the cleaning service was a CI Silver certified cleaning service with trained and certified workers, proven-safe cleaning products, the right equipment, and the ability to qualify your building with the Green and Healthy Building Partnership award?

Well, it's not too late to DEMAND you current cleaning service step up and get their workers and company fully capable of providing a clean and healthy building.  If not, we have services who will do the job at competitive rates, but including the latest and best practices to produce a Green and healthy building.    See:  Janitorial Directory