Advice for Hiring a Cleaning Service

The Toxic Workplace and VOCSFor those who are anxious to stay ahead of regulators, the choice of your cleaning service just become far more important.  Why?  Well, Canada is the first of many countries to name "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" as a disability.  As a results, workplace are required to make all the accommodations they recently made for easy access for wheelchairs.  

The lawsuits are already driving this issue in the U.S., and OSHA is toughening their rules for toxins in the workplace and worker safety.  The next step is to include chemical sensitivity under the scope of the Americans with Disability Act.

Suddenly, your pretend Green cleaning service is your worst nightmare.  They do not have trained workers, certified services, or a protocol for a Green and healthy building.  It is the goal of the Green Clean Institute to develop certifiably Green cleaning services that can literally reduce the pollution and chemical bioload for every workplace.