The Invisible War on Office Worker


Toxic Buildings

Sick Building Syndrome

Building Related Illness

Allergy and Asthma Threats

Chemical Sensitivity

Mysterious Nagging Headaches

Excessive Sick Days

It took years of bogus Green cleaning services and misguided behavior to create a Toxic Environment that wears away a healthy immune system of your workers.  But, it happens so slowly, most people have no idea that the workplace is a hostile environment.  But, there are clues of a toxic workplace if you take the time to test this theory.

Do you struggle with a reoccurring headache in the forepart of your head that goes away when you are away from the office?  Have you suddenly become sensitive to products that didn't bother you before?  Do you experience nausea that is not related to an actual sickness?  Do your eyes become irritated at work, but not elsewhere?  Does your allergy or asthma symptoms happen mostly at work?

This may not only be a toxic building problem, but a cleaning service problem.  The abundance of chemicals, fragrances, pesticides, and cleaning products can literally pollute the closed environment of the office.  This is something called the "Bioload" meaning that the air you breathe is fighting your immune system and healthy equilibrium.