Promote Your Cleaning Service on Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization for JanitorialSo, you have a great cleaning service, but a small marketing budget.  In the cleaning services, time is precious and always in short supply. So,you need to make whatever you do count.  Even larger cleaning services struggle with their markerting program.  We would like to help you with this.

Internet marketing is a confused maze of option, and super time-consuming.  You can pay a company to write articles, do link building, and use odd SEO tricks; but they rarely have the impact for the money you pay.  So, why not take advantage of an offer from the Green Clean Institute to offer some major steps in marketing your company?

We already have the premier janitorial directory (, and that is a good starting point.  All GCI member companies get a listing there with a link to your website.  And, of course, you need some kind of website.  

ONE: So, make sure you have at least a website in place.  It need not be a huge website.  A front page, about page, and contact page may be all you need.  And, some websites now just do one long page with contact info at the bottom.  Pretty simple actually.

TWO: Start start a Facebook page.  You start with a personal Facebook page, then you create a business page.  If you don't have time for this, go to and hire a simple website to be done for a few bucks.  Finally, go to YouTube and learn how to use Facebook.  The search engines like new and relevant info, so it helps to learn to post comments, links, and pictures on Facbook.

THREE: If you already have Facebook, go ahead and "LIKE" our Faceobok page, and we promise to "LIKE" you back.  A small thing, but a step in the right direction.  Just click the SEO image above to visit our Facbook page.  Look for the "Thumbs Up" image to LIKE our page.  We will get notice, and LIKE your page back.  Follow us too because we will be sharing more information about marketing your cleaning service.

FOUR (and best of all):  We like to promote stories on the Green Clean Institute website about companies that are making strides as Green and Healthy cleaning services.  We will consider all article submissions that tell a positive side of Green and Healthy cleaning.  Please include a picture to help with the story.  The long-term standing of and its heavy investment in search engine marketing convey a huge commercial value to your company.  

FIVE: We believe in staying focused on a few marketing efforts and doing them well.  So, you will discover that our insights and guidance can boost your image.  Your particpation with the Green Clean Institute can earn you a valuable claim to fame as a GCI Silver Firm.  You see, marketing is the front side of the public image of your company.  What happens when they look deeper?  Will they find an over-hyped website, or will they find that there is TRUE VALUE behind the boast?  

As a GCI Silver Firm, you demonstrate that your advertising is based in fact, not contrived advertising.  GCI Silver firms have Three Deliverables that validate the claims as a Green and Health cleaning service.  First, a trained and certified workforce.  Second, a Green agenda that allows the company to progressively improve its cleaning imapct.  Third, the ability to qualify your best accounts for the Green and Healthy Building Partnership Award using the GHBP point system and a simple app to do the assessment.

Or .... you can keep on doing what you're doing now.  

So, let's get your marketing out of the dust bin, clean it up, and let it work for your as hard as you work for it.