Testimonies for Green Cleaning

Jess BaldwinJess Baidwan has been with the Green Clean Institute for several years, and he takes his job with enthusiasm and dedication.  

"We have been using GCI to train our staff for years. The GCI Technicians course is a great first step to launch new custodians into the green cleaning space with history, chemistry and process reality - all rolled into one. The staff at GCI is very knowledgeable as well as easy to work with. We highly recommend them.

We are the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. Our Custodial team of 27 janitors clean and maintain a 600,000 sq ft campus located in southwest Colorado. We are a Sovereign Tribal Government caring for the needs of our Members within the boundaries of the reservation, and beyond. In 2015, we were the first Native Nation in the United States to have a building Green Certified (we now have 6) and our Division Head won national “Manager of Distinction” award in October 2016.

“Togiyak” (means Greetings!) Jess Baidwan"


Flor's Cleaning in Ft Myers FloridaThere are many fantastic cleaning services that use the training and certification of the Green Clean Institute to prove and improve their services.  Today, we would like to recognize Flor's Cleaning in Ft. Myer's, Florida.  Flor's Cleaning is proof of the value of Green cleaning in action.  We live in a day when it is very simple to be a pretend Green service, but there are those who make effective and healthy cleaning a passion.

Green cleaning is so much more than the casual purchase of a Green cleaning product that hides the less-than-serious commitment to a healthy building.  Cleaning services like Flor's Cleaning take their work to the next level because a clean building my not be a healthy building.  OSHA reports that roughly 30% of buildings have poor indoor air quality.  But, as many as 70-80% of buildings have complaints from employees about workplace health concerns.


ACE Global Custodial, Corpus Christi TXThe Green Clean Institute welcomes ACE Global as a certified Green cleaning organization.  Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, ACE Global offers a variety of services that include custodial services.  Many area companies already know that ACE Global custodial services are top notch.  The reputation of ACE Global is further enhanced by the efforts to train and certified the workers and company with the Green Clean Institute certification.

Companies like ACE Global offer a variety of maintenance and crucial services.  And, manpower to do the work is more than a turnstile of employees that come and go.  Investing into the workers improves the work delivered, but also improves the attitude and retention of their hard-working team.  Finding the time and resources to train workers isn't easy.  That is why the Green Clean Institute has put their courses online for 24/7 access by smart phone, computer, or to show to a group by a big screen.


Total Facility ManagementTotal Facility Maintenance has stepped up their program to become a more effective Green cleaning operation.  Located in the Chicago, Illinois area, Total Facility Maintenance is well-known in the area.  The challenge of our day is not just cleaning the building.  Green cleaning brings health concerns to the forefront.  Employee health of workers and the employees of the buildings served are affected by the cleaning program.  

The quality of the work counts in ways most have not considered until recently.  As a family owned business, Total Facility Maintenance has it primary office in Wood Dale, IL.  The introduction of the online video training for workers improves everything about a cleaning service as the frontline workers are first hand to the cleaning program.