Proud to Be Green Clean Certified

Flor's CleaningWe would like to recognize our growing GCI Certified membership of Green Certified Firms.  Flor's Cleaning in Ft. Myers. FL is a proactive, very professional, cleaning company that has a full commitment to Green cleaning.  This commitment shows on every level.  

Flor's Cleaning has been a GCI Green Certified firm for more than five years; and if you follow them on Facebook, you will discover that Flor's Cleaning brings their very best to every residential and commercial account.  

One of the first principles of a Green cleaning service is the quality of the workers.  More than an organized staff that knows how to do their job, the Green Clean Institute provides a basic cleaning and Green cleaning training for the working staff of each GCI Green certified firm.

This training is online and available 24/7 in eight twenty-minute modules so that existing staff and new hires can be easily incorporated in the Green cleaning program.

Of course, Green cleaning services will also replace traditional products and equipment with Green and sustainable products.  Going Green is progressive and incremental.  New products are routinely coming on the market, and frankly, not all Green claims are as accurate as they should be.  Researching the best Green product is difficult and time consuming. 

Green Certified products are the other side of a Green cleaning service.  A product is not Green because the company that made the product sticks a self-invented Green or Eco label on it.  Green products should have a third-party review of their claims so that an enterprising but not-so-honest company can't promote false claims.  The Green Clean Institute offers an unbiased Green product certification and the ability to place a honest Green logo on good products.

If you have a home or business in the Ft. Myers FL area, give Flor's cleaning a call for a quality, Green cleaning service.