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GCI on Google Plus We update our Google + link regularly.  Join us in building a national and international network of professional services.  And, you can follow the latest news and events by connecting with the Green Clean Institute and our Google Plus account.  
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GCI on Youtube

In 2018, the Green Clean Institute took the training platform to a 100% online video process.  Now, you can catchup, read up, and follow our latest videos online.  We are adding to this by inviting worthy speakers to provide videos as well.  

In many ways, we are driving the learning experience to a convenient and effect level that impacts the frontline workers, management, cleaning program, and the accounts you service.

Green Cleaning News Catch up on all the news over our ten year history.  The cleaning industry is changing, and not always for the good.  But, we see a whole new era on its way and that is because the government (DOL and OSHA)  are stepping up their review of indoor air quality, environmental illness, and health conditions.  These are tied in a vital way to the cleaning service.