GCI Partners with Workforce Training Centers

Workforce Training for Green jobs

The U.S. Census reports more than 70,000 cleaning services in America employing more than 1.4 million workers, and that number misses many more small cleaning services.  For those seeking a job, the cleaning and maintenance sector is possibly the easiest entry point for a reliable job.  It is also one of the best places for proactive people to start their own business.

In 2018, the Green Clean Institute offers our six-part video training with workbook for group or classroom training centers.  This program allows for training through various workforce training centers with a classroom guided trainer who can provide interactive, hands-on training to enhance the value of this program.  In addition, we offer a Basic Cleaning video to orient the student to the expectations of the job.

Hope Network is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan with other locations to service the hard-to-employ population.  Hope has been a GCI partner for many years, and has used our courses to prepare workers for a real job.  Training and support is a big part of the Hope Network, and they also provide cleaning services to a variety of government buildings in the state.  
KCDSC is a nonprofit organization located in the Olney neighborhood of Philadelphia. Our mission is to provide the support services that address the felt needs within our community so that our community members can achieve personal growth and pursue community growth.  
The Green Clean Institute is pleased to partner with ResCare workforce training.  ResCare is located in Chester, S.C.  ResCare Workforce Services is the nation’s most comprehensive provider of services and solutions designed to help put people to work.  Our combination of career center operations, Job Corps centers, schools, business services and family support functions are the largest for-profit collection of workforce solutions in the United States.  
In the Washington, D.C. area, the Green Clean Institute is pleased to work with Paul Thomas to aid in preparing quality people to a growing workforce market.  Firms seeking to offer live or online training can connect with this organization for professional assistance.  
The Green Clean Institute is pleased to have worked with Volunteers of America in various parts of the country.  Volunteers of America are very active in helping the hard-to-employ persons to learn a skill that can provide a job for those who have life challenges.    
The mission of the Education & Employment Services team at Crossroads Rhode Island is to provide high quality adult education, job training, and support services to assist homeless and at-risk individuals and families so that they may secure financial and housing stability.  

Gem’s ongoing efforts on behalf of sustainability and environmental stewardship take place in our business practices, in our continuing education classes and in the community. As a distribution company that has long derived great benefit and much of its identity from the sale of chemicals, Gem has a special obligation to challenge its employees and customers to examine, discuss, and debate issues of ecological preservation, social justice, economic viability, and global responsibility

Gem will continue to incorporate environmental awareness into our continuing education classes so that our customers and clients have the ability, knowledge and intellectual flexibility to confront these complex issues, make sound judgments and take ethical action.

The Green Clean Institute is pleased to work with the pre-release programs in several prison systems to encourage employment for those re-entering the workforce.  The experience, education, and certifications earned in pre-release can provide entry-level jobs for many who want to get a good start in life.  GCI has worked with FCI Otisville, FCI Greenville, FMC Devens, FCI Talladega, FCI Gilmer, FCI Bennettsville, and FCI Marianna to name a few of our efforts.  
In the Singapore areas, the Green Clean Institute has partnered with Leif Moldskreds to provide training for Green and Healthy buildings in the greater Malaysian area.  Working in conjunction with governmental, professional, and educational organizations, ABLE Technologies offers a quality education that is needed at all levels of society and business.  
Globalization is changing the business world. Enterprises are being forced to adopt new technologies and work processes in order to compete in the new economy. Cleanliness and hygiene have always been a major difference between “organizations” and “fantastic organizations”.  To accomplishment the best indoor air quality and maintain the most healthy and clean facilities imaginable, organizations are in need creating a plan and system to do such.  At GREEN CLEAN CO. with its international partner Green Clean Institute-USA (GCI) and its experienced team of professionals.  

Please note that workforce centers do not use the BSC pricing or monthly charge.  All training centers use a base fee per student in class.