Workplace Detoxification and Decontamination

Workplace DetoxificationYou may not realize it, but their has been a huge shift in regulatory policy for the workplace, schools, public buildings, and such.  This stems from the fact that 80% of all office buildings are toxic, semi-toxic, or causing serious health concerns.

Of course, there are IAQ specialists and Hygenists who will conduct expensive test and run up consulting fees, but they do not provide the solution.  The cure for this issue is literally as important as the diagnosis.  

We know the most direct solution to the complex nature of the WDD issue.  It starts with an evaluation per the regulations, but that isn't that difficult.  The smart solution is a comprehensive treatment that literally solves the problem and qualifies as a proactive solution in advance of an unfriendly regulatory intrusion.

This intrusion requires no lawyers.  When a complaint is filed, the regulators take over and begin their investigation.  Of course, the complaining employee is protected against any kind of retaliation that might terminate the employment.  And, we know that these open opportunities are like back injuries that can be exploited by a few who would rather use the system rather than work as a productive part of the office team.  So, the question for proactive businesses is how to get ahead of this intrusive and stray regulatory bullet.

Sick buildings and sick employee issues stem from NEGLECT, and any complaint assumes that the company has failed to address known or obvious health issues.  So, the three suggestions are to hire a Green certified cleaning service, score the building with the GHBP software, and perform an annual Workplace Detoxification and Decontamination by your cleaning service.  When these three easy-to-install ideas are in place, your company has taken action to solve a claim of a sick building.