Women in the Cleaning Service Business

Women Owned BusinessAs a woman with fifteen years at the Green Clean Institute, I would like to say a commendation to the multitude of great women I have worked with in every part of the country.  In my belief, women have a innate drive to do more than "Finish the Job".  Cleaning is about caring about people and lifestyle.  This is more than cleaning for appearance.  

No matter how you credit the influence of women, I believe that they care about people and their wellbeing.  We love a clean and beautiful house and building.  We also care about the comfort and small accomodations that make a building into a place where life and work is done safely and happily.

Cleaning is routinely degraded to a job or series of tasks.  This is the nature of a business that is driven by cost-cutting demands.  The cleaning service can be reduced a checklist of chores done by whoever shows up that night to work.

In the very beginning, we started the Green Clean Institute because the world began to wake up to the failures of building construction, cleaning products, indoor air quality, chemical sensitivities, and long-term health implications.  We learned about Sick Building Syndrome (SDS) and Building Related Illness.  

We quietly dismissed the people who had to miss work when harsh chemicals were used to strip and refinish floors.  CO2 buildup in poorly ventilated areas then explained afternoon headaches, tiredness, and sickness.  Pest control treatments were routinely delivered with little consideration for the real health concerns for what was in the spray.

Without going radical about extreme cures, the Green Clean Institute promoted better practices and product be gradually integrated into the cleaning services.  The training of workers seems like the most basic step to a better cleaning service.  So, we have offered a front-line training for those who do the actual work.  The training and certification lays the groundwork for basic cleaning as well as the value and elements of Green cleaning.

In 2020, I am pleased to announce the latest program to show that your cleaning service CARES about the quality of your work.  We are seeking cleaning services who care about being the Best cleaning service and are ready to qualify their better accounts with the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.  

Whether you are a woman or man, please join with me to make a pround effort to qualify Green Cleaned buildings in your city.  LINK