Why Janitorial Companies "Pretend Green"

While everyone wants a "Green and Healthy Building" for their workers and visitors, only a few are willing to pay for the extra it takes to be Green.  When it comes to the cleaning service, Green is a few pennies more in cost and extra time on the job.  The problem is that the cleaning service bid process squeezes profits via the bid process.  Anxious companies cut prices by cutting corners, meaning that many cleaning services will give lip-service to Green cleaning, but what is delivered suffers from the profit margin that might be paper-thin.

Recycling is good right?  Well, recycled paper goods are a bit more expensive than standard paper goods.  Green products are better for the cleaning program, but may cost a little more.  HEPA vacuums are more expensive than regular vacuums that spew out more fine dust.  And, the list goes on.

So the contrast of cheap janitorial bids and slightly higher costs force many of the "Green Hyped" janitorial services to promise more than they deliver.  But, it need not be that way.  Going Green isn't price-prohibitive, and it would be a great idea to require bids to conform to a level of Green operation.  That is why hiring a GCI certified cleaning company is a nominal requirement.  The Green Clean Institute requires that the company maintain a Green trained and certified staff.

The further quality control is whether the cleaning service can deliver the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.  This is where hype ends, and Green honesty begins.  The Green Clean Institute has a set of standards that must be verified before awarding the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.  So, the two most important issues are addressed when hiring a GCI Green Cleaning firm: Trained Staff and a Green verified program.

We have a number of cleaning services who will not adopt the GCI Green cleaning program for the fact that they prefer to Pretend Green, cut costs, capture higher profit margins, and compete for the lowest price at bid time.  If the companies hiring the cleaning service require the GCI Green Clean certification by the applicants, the Green value is built into the system. 

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