What is Greenwashing and How to be truly Green Certified

What is GreenwashingIn a day of anything-goes advertising, it is easy to makes claims that are only marginally or barely true.  So, it is no wonder that so many cleaning services have quickly updated their Website and advertising to promote themselves as a Green cleaning service, when they are the epitome of a Greenwashed cleaning service.

The irony is that Going Green is not difficult, but require that the company update and upgrade various part of their operation.  First and foremost, how about offering training to the people actually doing the work?  How is it possible that the vast majority of workers in a Green cleaning service has no training and no idea what Green cleaning is other than a bottle of something that was recently placed on their cart.

We are stunned that there are cleaning people who do not understand what microfiber tools are and how they are to be used.  The cleaning service has always been "Old School", but that is a really bad to run a proactive Green cleaning service.  That would be the equivalent of hiring a construction person to design a website.  

So, Greenwashing is doing "Just Enough to Pretend to be a Green Cleaning service".  Like thin film veneer over plywood, the board does not change to maple.  

Greenwashing is literally misrepresentation under the wide latitude of advertising.  After all, who set the standard for Green anyway?  The answer is "We did!"  Over a decade ago, seriously dedicated cleaning professionals saw the rush to get in on the Green and Sustainable market, but the majority were not willing to make a serious change.  So, they bought a few Green cleaning products, and said, "Good Enough"

We believe that Green cleaning starts with the workers, not just the product.  For a cleaning service to earn their GCI Silver Firm certification, the majority of their workers must take a series of online training sessions, and complete a test to be certified.  At this point, the workers doing the work are part of the real solution for a Green and Healthy building.  

Once trained, staff, managers, purchasing agents, and owners know the basic steps to develop a proper Green cleaning program.  Anything short of that is pretty much "Pretend Green"