The Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning

After fifteen years of educating cleaning companies about Green Cleaning, we have found some things come and go.  Other things are nice but not necessary.  And, some things are just good, common sense cleaning ideas.  Taking a lot of practical experience and feedback, we have created the Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning basics.  These are the kind of ideas that seem to be solid items that could be ignored, but actually improve the overall quality of the job.  The Green Clean Institute has decided to turn these basic elements into a campaign that will not only improve your cleaning service, but can become a powerful marketing concept.

Cleaning and Green cleaning literally have no standards or measurements.  Cleaning services basically do what they think is best and call it Green.  We believe we have a solid starting point with the Twenty Elements of Green Cleaning. So, let's take these core practices and turn them into a campaign that heightens the value of cleaning services that adopt these principles.

Janitorial DirectoryTo start, we want all cleaning services to train and certify all their workers with our Basic Cleaning course followed by the GCI Green Cleaning Technician video series.  These course as six online video sessions that can be shown in groups or on any Internet device.  An online test is required and a certificate is issued.  Companies that train their workers will receive the GCI Silver Certification.  The total cost if $540 for up to twenty employees.

Your company will be listed on the Best Janitorial Directory free of charge.  This directory is often Google Page One in every state and most cities.  All leads generated are connected to a local member without charge.

By following the Twenty Elements of Green Cleaning for an account, your company can help the building or office qualify for the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.  This is an important marketing opportunity, because it raises the public awareness of a Green and Healthy building.  It is hoped that city and community leaders will be pleased to recognize and support this ongoing program.

Finally, a Green City doesn't happen in a week, month, or day.  But one-by-one, GCI Green Cleaned Buildings show real progress.  There may be other environmental projects in the area that we appreciate, but the cleaning program is an everyday kind of commitment.  

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