Total Facility Manangement Promotes Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Service in Chicago ILTotal Facility Maintenance has stepped up their program to become a more effective Green cleaning operation.  Located in the Chicago, Illinois area, Total Facility Maintenance is well-known in the area.  The challenge of this hour is not just cleaning the building.  The quality of the work counts in ways most have not considered until recently.  As a family owned business, Total Facility Maintenance has it primary office in Wood Dale, IL.  

Dr. Jimmie Daniels is the owner; and his wife, Delores,  is the administrator of the company.  Total Facility Maintenance is more than a cleaning service.  One of the driving forces for Dr. Daniel's operation is to provide minority training and employment to those willing to improve their lives.  As the company has grown, so has the ability to provide jobs and a good income to more families.

Janitorial services provide roughly 1.4 million jobs nationwide, and more than that if the full measure could be taken.  As such, Total Facility Maintenance has multiple missions to serve the community in ways that go beyond clean floors and buildings.  We commend Total Facility Maintenance for its efforts to build a complete and dynamic program in the community.

The Green Clean Institute adds value to the program by providing online video training about Green cleaning practices for all Total Facility employees.  Each staff member can take the online courses at their own pace.  Access can be by smart phone, iPad, computer, or Internet device.  When the video series is completed, a certificate is award with the successful completion of the course.  Each worker gets a parchment certificate as a GCI Green Cleaning Technician after completion of the course and online test.

Finally, Total Facility Maintenance earns its GCI Silver Firm certification when the workers have been trained and certified.  In this program, the certification is earned, and not bought.