Three Big Deliverables for a Green Janitorial

Green Cleaning serviceGCI Basic CleaningOne of the common questions we get is how can our company distinguish itself from all the other "Pretend Green" cleaning services.  The reality is shown in what we call THREE DELIVERABLES, and this is where we separate the herd for the shallow or empty claims of 99% of Green cleaning services.  So, let's dig into the difference between a real Green cleaning service and a pretend cleaning service.  And, feel free to pass this along to the decision-makers for your cleaning service.

DELIVERABLE #1:  A trained and certified workforce.  This is more than someone who got their training by following another worker.  Cleaning, believe it or not, is a profession.  A profession benefits from training and better methods in what they do.  Unless a worker in a factory, knowledge, training, and methods can greatly improve the overall service.

DELIVERABLE #2:  A GCI Silver Certified Firm can present a certificate that is earned, not bought, that demonstrates its real dedication to professional cleaning.  Most cleaning service can clean, and some barely clean.  A GCI Silver Certified Firm not only has trained employees for the job, they have an in-house commitment to superior cleaning that not only produces a clean building, but a clean and healthy building.  The GCI Silver Firm certificate has real value at bid time.

DELIVERABLE #3:  Only a GCI Silver or Gold Certified Firm can apply the Green and Healthy Building Partnership point system to qualify a well-cleaned building for the GHBP award.

To summarize, we have certified Green clean worker, working with a Green certified firm with a serious commitment, that can deliver a GHBP award certification to their better accounts.  

Can the other do that?  Or, do they just TALK about what they only do in small measure?  In the end, the three deliverables by a GCI Silver Certified firm should knock the rest out of the deal.