Smart Strategies to Open Your Church

Infection Control TrainingAfter fifteen years of working with professional cleaning and sanitizing services, the Green Clean Institute is the proven authority for cleaning and sanitizing strategies that offer the best path forward in the post-COVID-shutdown.  The Freedom to Worship and Right to Peaceably Assemble gives the right for churches to operate, but churches are driven to bless, not harm, people.

So, churches must chart an intelligent path that balances safety and the importance of true worship.  People love their churches and the God they serve, and churches love the people and promote the God who heals.  There are some huge issues behind the COVID-19 event.  There is the political aspect when governments use an excuse to intrude into church affairs, dictate policy, and shut the doors if the authority makes an executive order.  This is wrong on many levels.

Nonetheless, churches should be ready and willing to ratchet up its operation to provide a safe place for people to worship their God in a collective assembly.  We hope that the COVID-19 will be a short-term issue and therapeutics and vaccines that will make the COVID-19 threat a minimal concern.  Until that time, it seems reasonable and smart to take the precautions that allow corporate worship in a safe environment.  After all, if this can be done at Walmart, Home Depot, or the Post Office to operate with a constant flow of thousands per day; there must be an allowance for churches to do the same.


The Green Clean Institute has prepared a report that is more than the "How to" practices for opening a place of worship, but includes a wide-ranging discussion of limiting liabilities, available options, and better methods for cleaning and sanitizing.  


This report is made offered FREE OF CHARGE to any church in the hope that the good work of the church will go foward.  The report includes some powerful methods to clean and sanitize your church that provides an extended period of infection prevention.