San Diego State University Adopts EHS Cleaning Program

San Diego State UniveristyGreetings from the Pacific Coast where yesterday I started working working with a group of frontline custodians who take care of 9 housing complexes on the campus here at San Diego State University.

The Green Clean Institute is pleased to work with a variety of colleges and universities that see the value of a professional cleaning service that compliements their other environmental efforts.  

Everyone passed the Technician 100 and we are moving on today with the rest of the Technician 101 and 102 on Wednesday.  As you can see, it was a different day for most as they sat behind the computers and some learned a new skillset, and others just breezed along.  Go to our Facebook page to see the whole team and other pics from the campus.

I know there will be more questions today, and answers will be found.  Education in healthy cleaning is organic.  If you would like to learn more about scheduling a 'Live Class', contact me.