Rent or Lease a 24/7 Sanitizing System

Hydroxyl Generator Sanitizing

Whether you know about hydroxyl generators or not, the huge threat from the latest coronavirus has everyone in a panic.  If you know anything about ozone, you will be thrilled to hear about the latest innovation of hydroxyl generators that provide 24/7 sanitizing for schools, daycares, churches, medical offices, gyms, spa, and stores.

Hydroxyl generators run quietly in the background to constantly sanitizing every cubic foot of air in the room.  The two big advantages of hydroxyl generators compared to ozone is that hydroxyl generators have no smell and can run with people and normal activity in the room.

Hydroxyl generators were developed for NASA and the space station.  They are also EPA registered sanitizing systems.

We believe that anxious businesses, schools, gyms, and churches will hapily rent or lease this equipment hoping for the day when the coronavirus threat is over.  In the meantime, the units have paid for themselves, and there are many other application that need theses units.  For example, any sick or toxic building will greatly improve when hydroxyl generators are introduced.

Read more on the subject at and request an outline about how to dramatically offer the only 24/7 sanitizing program to schools, offices, and commercial buildings in your area.