OxyOrange earns GCI Green Product Certification

OxyOrange All Purpose CleanerThe Green Clean institute has reviewed OxyOrange All Purpose Cleaner by Johnson Labs according to the 10 points system to evaluate the truth and credibility of Green product claims.  This was not hard to do as there are three basic ingredients to this extraordinary product.  They are hydrogen peroxide, D' Lemonine taken directly from oranges, and a biodegradable surfactant.  

OxyOrange is one of many products from Johnson Labs.  Since 2003, Johnson Labs has sought to create environmentally-friendly product that would reduce toxicity and landfill waste.  Every cleaning service will enjoy the fresh (and natural) scent knowing that you will not find a long list if ingredients of complex words like glycol, amiines, bleach, glocol ether, phosphates, or quaternary ammonium.

OxyOrange is not caustic and does not add artificial dyes or fragrances.  OxyOrange All Purpose Cleaner is also available in concentrated form as well as in RTU form.  Available in concentrate or RTU, this is obviously a product that any Green cleaning service will love.

Upon review, the Green Clean Institute is pleased to award the Green Clean Institute certification to OxyOrange as a GCI Green Certified product.  LINK