Nationally Recognized Green Product Certification

It is amazing to realize that the Green Clean Institute has been training tens of thousands of cleaning service providers and certified numerous Green product over our twenty year history.

During a recent visit to a massive landfill in Florida that is one of 2600 MSW landfills in our country, I was again impressed with the value of what we do to minimize waste, reduces the drain of resources, and improves the health of people in the community.  The actual value of Going Green and Sustainable is not a small consideration.  Trash is an issue that each of us need to address, but product manufacturers are critically important to the overall scheme to reduce the trash output.

What is literally worse is the false claims by "Pretend Green" products and services that hope to turn a profit without a real change in operation.  Greenwashing is far more popular than anyone might think.  The common practice is to highlight some existing item of a product or to add something to the product that allows advertising to make bold Green claims.

The claims of an eco-safe, earth-friendly, Green, sustainable, natural, or organic may be grossly overrated.  With millions of products bering advertised and sold, how does anyone really know the honestly Green product from the pretend Green products?  Unless you have volumes of spare time, there is no good way to discover the truth about a Green or sustainable product or service.  

We see the tactic of flooding the key seaerch words with positive information, mock recommendations, pretend rating sites, and paid social media to crowd out or hide the truth that may not be so kind.

The Green Clean Institute has no product to sell.  As such, the Green Clean Institute puts its twenty years as a true independent, third-party certification organization that absolutely will not bend to inferior standards.  The GCI Green Ceritified credential is not a "Pay to Play" program.   The fee is quite low at $1500, which is refundable.  Contrast this fee with $10,000 to $20,000 for other Green certifications that can take two years to acquire.

So, not only consumer need to do more about trash disposal, manufacturers actually play a much larger part of the equation.  After all, consider your online orders delivered in a box containing anohter box, plastic wrap, packing materials, foam to protect the product in the box.  The packaging for many products have grown to such size that trash companies are talking about the "Amazon Effect" that refers to the huge increase in cardboard waste and foam going through their system. 

Green Product Certification by the Green Clean Institute