Join GCI National Marketing Effort

Best Janitorial ServicesIn 2020, the Green Clean Institute is opening some brand new doors for cleaning companies to partner with our national project.  We see a lot of Green boasting or claims of the best janitorial service.  We are looking for the Best Janitorial services in each city that do more than pound their chest via website hype.  We are reinventing our popular Janitorial Directory that will use the most innovative marketing techniques to attract and invite businesses to find a great janitorial services.

To that end, the Green Clean Institute finalizing the that will be technology-driven to promote the Best Janitorial services in every city.  We will be placing our membership on this list for their city.  Each company will be asked to follow a "Three Step Program" to prove that these services are offering actual cleaning services that contribute to a Green and Healthy building.

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Essentially, we believe that any building can make progress to be Greener and Healthier.  Companies that now realize that a healthy building is not only the right thing to do should start with the cleaning service and expand from there.  After all, the cleaning program is a constant factor for the conditions of any building.  We now know that the cleaning service can help or hurt the health quotient of buildings.  Other than construction, isn't cleaning the most important part of building maintenance?

We also know that improving the Green aspects of the cleaning isn't that difficult.  The tendency to impose cost cutting works against Green cleaning.  But, in the last ten years, Green products, tools, and equipment has become mainstream.  So, it is now possible to be efficient and Greener for any cleaning service.

In 2020, GCI is partnering with the best janitorial services in each city to connect business customers with our Green Cleaning services.  We invite your email or call to our office if you want to be part of a great marketing program for growing cleaning services.