Janitorial New Hire Orientation

New Hires JanitorialOne of the constant needs for any cleaning service is finding and keeping good workers.  It seems you need to go through ten new hires to find one that will last more than a year.  The best advice is to spend more time on the the hiring process, and time is often in short supply.  So, here is a good idea.  Use the Basic Cleaning video from the Green Clean Institute as a way to get your basic message across.  This 15-20 minute video course is very easy to use.  With the link and password, anyone can view the video on smart phone, iPad, computer, or big screen.  We use the YouTube format, so the video is easy to use by anyone.

There are three major steps for a Green company, and we know these aren't mandatory.  First is orientation, meaning people understand the mission and system of the service.  We suggest the GCI Basic Cleaning course at this stage and training with experienced workers.  Always hire new workers with a 60-90 review process so they are not fully vested until they pass the early review of their work.  Violations, missed days, and bad attitude means they won't make the cut on the 90th day.

Second is education or training that improves the quality of the service through the people doing the work.  Your workers are an asset of your company.  The products and equipment are actually less important than the people.  Many companies have decided that investing in their workers improves the company and the company services.  So, the GCI Green Cleaning Technician course is an easy way to install a higher level of knowledge and personal pride in your workers.  The GCI Green Cleaning Technician is a six part video course that can be taken on any device with an Internet connection.

Third is implementation.  Any GCI silver firm can use our point system to qualify a building it cleans with the Green and Healthy Building Partnership program.

Start somewhere!  We invite your company to unlimited use of the GCI Basic Cleaning course for a simple fee of $50.  That is very affordable, and a good starting point for your workers.  We imagined sitting down for twenty minute to tell a new worker all the "Must Know" facts about working for a good cleaning service.  The GCI Basic Cleaning course isn't about mopping a floor or cleaning a glass door.  We know that there are many assumptions of what new workers should know ... coming in the door.

Get Unlimited Access for the GCI Basic Cleaning course