It's the Workers that Clean or Clean Green

Green Cleaning ServiceTo review the obvious, Green cleaning products do not make a Green cleaning service.  It is the workers that deliver the cleaning service or a Green cleaning service.  It is a mistake to hire workers, provide the product and tools, and expect them to deliver on the promises your company has made to secure the account.  You see, an amateur or a master carpenter can both build a house.  They may use similar tools, but the house built by a master carpenter will always be miles ahead of the amateur.

On the other hand, hiring and training new cleaning service workers is a huge part of running a cleaning service.  The turnover in many services are 50-70% in a five year span.  How in the world can you keep a quality cleaning crew in place?  We have a very important suggestion, let GCI train them.  We have made the process incredibly simple with our online program that requires only a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Start all workers with the GCI Basic Cleaning service.  We took all the things you want to impress on new workers and put it in the Basic Cleaning course.  This is not about how to mop, clean windows, or sanitize a toilet.  That is the part you provide by having the new hire follow an experienced worker.  So, start every worker with the GCI Basic Cleaning course.  You can even show the video at a monthly worker meeting.

The GCI Green Cleaning Technician course is a six module, online series.  Each module is 20 minutes in length and done with a professional spokesperson.  At the end, the worker gets a certificate, and your firm can now boast that your trained staff know how to deliver a true Green clean service with trained workers.  In addition, companies with trained workers will receive the GCI Silver firm certification that looks good in your bids.

GCI allows your cleaning service to have THREE DELIVERABLES.  1) Trained and certified workers, 2) a committed GCI Silver company, and 3) the GHBP point system to allows your cleaning service to deliver the GHBP certification.

So, while others promise, but rarely deliver, a Green cleaning program.  Your company can prove its Green value with our three deliverables.