Infection Control & Coronavirus

Infection Control TrainingDo not let threat of coronavirus go unchallenged.  Our staff has gone over and above to bring together the most important facts of infection control.  Cleaning service workers can be quickly brought up to speed on all types of infectious disease issues.  To get this information out to the tens-of-thousands cleaning service workers across the country, we have packed everything into one 30 minute video course that can be viewed on any Internet-connected device 24/7.

The harsh facts are that we will face old and new diseases every year.  Some are bacterial, like MRSA.  Some are viral like colds, the flu, and coronavirus.  We cannot run from the best practices that can mitigate the power of disease and prevent the further spread of all types of infections.  The immediate demand is professional cleaning and sanitizing by the cleaning service.

Many are surprised to learn that typical sanitizing may be the least that can be done.  The GCI "Infection Control for Cleaning Service Workers" has powerful solutions that greatly improve the results of any sanitizing program.  The fact is that sanitizing is a momentary solution that is quickly compromised.

To expedite infection control training, the Green Clean Institute have developed a 30 minute training program that will provide a fantastic education on infection control protocols.  The bonus is the superior processes that can inhibit infections after the sanitizing service is done.

Course Fee:  $100 per firm up to twenty workers.  Or, free of charge for any new or renewing GCI Firm membership.

... $100 USD

Until a vaccine is available, and even after a vaccine, basic and innovative infection control protocols should be diligently practiced.  Do not assume that workers know or practice infection control requirements unless they have been give instruction and clear directions.

But we all know that there are more to treating diseases like SARS, MRSA, Norovirus, and even pink eye.  This is not the last time we will see this kind of worried and panicked problem.  COVID-19 and similar threats will arise year after year, and it is important to be as prepared as possible.  This includes some some and unexpected answers that are included in the GCI Infection Control course.  

The Green Clean Institute has adopted online video training because it is the most powerful and efficient way to get information out to cleaning services in any city and any country with amazing speed.  The effort to provide this invaluable course as many countries, and the United States, are just now seeing the threat invade their population is timely and useful.  Videos can be shown in group meetings, on a smart phone, table, computer, or large screen for groups.

But, there is still another element to infection control.  Many sanitizing product literally break the commitment for a Green cleaning program.  There are still Green solutions available to the cleaning services that can actually expand the disease mitigation effort.  Many are surprized that santizing can be made better and have longer lasting impact.  

This GCI Infection Control course is not just for this period of time, but should be part of the training for every worker.  In our lifetime, diseases emerge quickly, and we are often caught offguard as we hear of the next potential PANDEMIC at our doorstep.  While it may not be often said, the cleaning service workers are the front line of infection control.  They need to be prepared, equipped and informed.  The GCI Infection Control for Cleaning Service Workers should be part of the required training for your staff and reviewed anytime the service must again deal with the spread of infectious diseases in their community.