How to Fix the Sick Building Syndrome

The cleaning service helps or hurts the health of any building and all employees.  The sick building syndrome is often a combination of small and neglected issues, but starting with a truly Green clean service is the best place to start.  We strongly suggest that the cleaning service for the building follow the free GHBP assessment software to progressively improve the health quality of building and workers.  

We all know that there is a difference between a normally clean building and sanitized building that reduces infectious disease.  Not all cleaning is according to the "Best Practices" in cleaning.  In the industry, there is a cleaning service, and a deep cleaning service that goes after all the hidden or neglected area, poorly clean problem areas, and would be something line an intensive Spring cleaning after a winter of getting by.

In addition to your cleaning program that is basic cleaning, it seems like a good idea to add an annual Workplace Detoxification and Decontamination (WDD) that can raise the level of clean and health for the building.  Our Green and Healthy Building Partnership (GHBP) process seeks to improve value of the daily cleaning routine, but looks at other worthwhile measures to provide a healthy workplace.  

Cleaning is optional.  We can do a poor job and get by.  We can do an adequate job and feel like all is good.  Or, we can realize that a clean and healthy building can improve the overall performance of the workplace.  A healthy workplace does not drain the energy, health, or best efforts of employees because the building instigates feelings of fatigue, annoying headaches, and causes a higher absentee rate.  The concept of shortchanging the cleaning program by hiring the cheapest bid to clean the building is like letting the landscaping go on a million dollar mansion.

Eventually, it dawns on employers that the greatest asset they have for a successful business is a motivated team of workers.  The GHBP system is not just a measure of the value of the cleaning service, but the importance of healthy and happy workers on the business performance.

See:   www.GHBPonlinecom