How to Be a Green Certified Cleaning Firm

Green Certified CleaningAfter years of random ideas about Green cleaning, the general public still does not know how a Green cleaning program is accomplished.  Some offer shallow solutions like buying a few Green products that comes with no training or understanding of their value ... if any.

Others, offer token efforts like HEPA vacuum cleaners, a few Green products, and an ill-trained staff.  Yet, they make huge claims for their Green Cleaning on their Website.  So much of what is boastfully Green turns out to be pretty meager in fact.

At the end of the day, janitorial firms are driven by pushing workers to finish the job is the minimum amount of time.  Little regard is given to training, the cleaning program, and the overall healthy impact of the cleaning service.

The Green Clean Institute believes that the meaning of Green is HEALTH, and that includes the workers for the cleaning service as well as the workers or students at the building being cleaned.  

So, the best Green cleaning firms will provide training and guidance for their workers.  That is where the online access through the Green Clean Institute makes this easy.  Managers can take the GCI Green Clean Manager course to learn how to implement Green cleaning that can be measured with a simple GHBP checklist.  If the cleaning service can accumulate sufficient points for any building it services, the building can be awarded a certificate via the Green and Healthy Building Partnership point system.

Contact our office for the simple steps to earn the GCI Green Cleaning Firm certification and the ability to bring the GHBP certification to your best accounts.