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Certifications and Professional Development Education

GCI recognizes your department as Environmental Health Services (EHS); operations who have implemented environmental health policies through monitoring and control activities, thus promoting the improvement of environmental parameters, while encouraging the use of sustainable and healthy technologies and behavior.  These operations are recognized as taking a leading role in developing and suggesting new areas of policy, for improved indoor air quality and hygiene of built environments.

EHS services are responsible for the health of a facilities indoor environments on a daily basis.  It is a known fact that labor is 95% of facility maintenance operational budget and staff members who have received certified education have been proven to stabilize quality, improve budget downturns and improve results.

Operational Certification Levels

Silver - It is affordable, effective, and earns an operation the respect of a bona fide certification with international credibility.   Silver EHS Certification is earned when your operation educates 80% of your frontline workers, supervisors, and/or managers, via the GCI professional development courses listed below.  Stabilize your workforce through education, understanding and improved results.  

Includes Technician – Designed for all frontline staff members of in-house operations, this 5-hour course is delivered online for access 24/7/365.  This ISSA verified education will educate your staff in the basics of professional facility maintenance requirements.

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Gold - At this level, the facility and EHS operation, jointly show responsibility to positive and proactive attributes affecting public health within the built environment.  Gold EHS Certification is awarded once a Silver certified operation uses the 180 EHS dashboard to validate key cleaning processes that have been implemented within a facility.  This dashboard will assist your department in outlining your progressive roadmap to environmental sustainability.

Platinum - At this level, attributes from education, implementation and facility improvements have joined together, proving a level of responsibility which cannot be questioned; one which the public will recognize as a holistic approach to improved indoor environmental health.  Platinum EHS Certification is reserved for a Gold EHS facility/operation that wants to “Prove Up”, that they have achieved the highest level certification possible. 

Other Individual Certification Options - ISSA Verified Professional Development Education

Master Green TechnicianStaff supervisors and/or department managers are encouraged to enhance their basic education through this 4-day classwork.   This ISSA, 9-part certification, will expand your knowledge in all avenues of environmental maintenance, outlining the true value of healthy cleaning within a facility. (See Course Outline Here).  Please check here for avaliable next live class.

 Environmental Services TechnicianEVS departments in all healthcare settings must adhere to specific requirements and this course has been designed to address those needs.  This ISSA verified, 13 module certification course provides a ‘readymade’, Joint Commission required, monthly staff meeting plan.  Click here to see the complete outline and payment options

All individual certifications are in force for one year and must be renewed through CEU credits.

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