Hiring Janitorial Workers

Hiring Janitorial workersCleaning services are always in need of good workers.  The turnover rate for non-governmental janitorial workers is roughly 70% over a 3-5 year span.  This means there is a constant need to find and train new workers.  

The Green Clean Institute has some helpful ideas to speed up the training process, improve work performance, and retain your good workers. Your service may offer once-a-month training and update session, which is good, and you may recognize your best workers as well.

Taking pride in their work is also a reason for longevity on the job.  The Green Clean Institute can help you instill a sense of pride and purpose in your workers.  As a GCI Silver Certified firm, your company has a sense of mission that goes beyond "Cleaning for Appearance".  We say the "We Clean for a Healthy building first, and Appearance second."

Basic Cleaning courseWe want all workers to atart with our Basic Cleaning Training.  You will find everything you need to explain in this material.  Of course, this is a 24/7 online course that can be reviewed in the worker's free time.  It can also be shown to a group of new workers, or used to remind your current staff of the basic expectations.

Additionally, the Basic Cleaning Training course gives consistency of instructions to all new hires, and can serve as a precautionary requirement for workers who are not performing well.  In short, it takes some of the instruction task from the staff and provides a clear message about on-the-job expectations.

Green Cleaning WorkerTo earn the handsome GCI Technician patch seen on this proud worker, each worker will go through the GCI Technician certification course.  We made this process simple, efficient, and effective.  There are six twenty minute training videos that the workers can take anytime.  We even have the courses in Spanish and English.  So, the course can be taken any time on a mobile phone, ipad, or computer.  You can even schedule in-house sessions prior to their work schedule to complete the courses prior to their shift.

Each GCI Technician will receive a parchment certificate and patch upon completion of the online test.  Large or small, your company can receive the GCI Silver Firm certification, and your workers can get their certificate and patch in short order.  Just set a date for completion so there is some follow up on the process.

Green Cleaned BuildingFinally, let's talk about setting goals that always promote teamsmanship and purpose.  Your firm will move from Silver to Gold certification with the very first Green Cleaned Building award.  Use our Green Cleaned Building checklist to see if any of your accounts can earn 350 points out of a possible 900 points.  If so, you can submit the form to GCI for approval.  When GCI affirms the checklist as properly done, we will authorize the GCI Green Cleaned Building award that includes a door seal for that building.

Imagine the impression of the community, the public, and the workers when the Green Cleaned Building sign in on the front door.  In case you didn't realize it, this opens the door to soome very interesting marketing opportunities that you can use to expand your business reach.