Hiring a Janitorial Service

Green Cleaning ServiceThe reality is that there is a lot of competition in the janitorial services sector.  Finding a cleaning service is as easy as Googling for a cleaning service in your area and making a call.  But, what seems to simple is not as simple as we thought.  The competition for cleaning services has become a price war which seems good, but as profit margins are cut to the cheapest bid among a dozen competitors, the quality of the service drops.

Cleaning companies must cut corners at every level in order to keep the company profitable and viable.  This means cheap products, cheap labor, and minimizing the time on the job in order to service multiple account during the night. 

It has never been that a service intends to do a poor quality job, but the system makes it hard for a company to delivery a high-quality job at a cut-rate price.

To counter this problem system, start with the job description or outline of services required.  By writing in the expectations of the building or office, the companies will more accurately estimate the real cost of the service.

If you want a Green cleaning service, you need to do more than ask the cleaning service if they are Green.  Who would say no to such an important question if they are interested in winning the account?  Green is easy to fake because no one really knows what a Green cleaning service is supposed to be like.

So, a company adds in a few Green cleaning products and proudly promotes their service a "Green, Green, Green."  Once again, the typical hiring process defaults to the easiest and cheapest way to get the job done.

Rather, include the requirement of an earn Green cleaning certification from the Green Clean Institute.  To earn this certification, the cleaning service does more than hire warm bodies who know how to use a mop or a vacuum cleaner.  Each of the workers go through a substantial training program of basic cleaning and then Green cleaning training.  At the end, there is a test to assure good understanding.

Frankly since the workers actually deliver the service, they are the "Point of the Spear" when it comes to delivering an actual Green cleaning program.

Green products are important as well, and that is part of the training for a cleaning service seeking to be a truly Green cleaning service.

To find a Green Cleaning Service in your area, visit the Best Janitorial Directory.  Or call our offices and we will assist in find you a local cleaning service that are striving to be a high-quality Green cleaning service.