Greener Buildings and Greener Cities by GCI

In 2020, the Green Clean Institute is promoting a needful and aggressive program that will add an additional tool to further the Green momentum for businesses and cities.  There are programs to conserve energy, recycle trash, reduce water pollution, and build environmentally-better buildings.  The Green Clean Institute sees a clear and obvious need to upgrade to most common aspect of building health.  That is the cleaning services.  Whether in-house or outsourced, the cleaning service now has a clear and simple path to improve the Green and Healthy aspect of any building, new or old.

Any city can adopt the GCI Green and Healthy building program in just three steps.  First, a trained and certified staff for both general cleaning and Green cleaning.  Second, apply the protocols of the training to the normal cleaning of any building.  When the service meets the GCI Green Cleaning protocols, the service can submit a verified checklist of the Green cleaning upgrades and qualify the building for the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.

In a city, it is easy to promote and measure the progress of this aspect of a Green and Healthy building program.  City leaders and advocate organization can easily adopt the GCI Green Building and Green Cities program by encouraging area clean services to follow the three step process that is simple, fully-transparent, nationally-recognized, and has real value to those who work and visit the businesses and and stores in the city.  READ MORE ...