The Green Workplace

Green and Healthy WorkplaceWhat is a Green workplace?  The concept has been bastardized until it means anything from a plant in the corner to a recycling program.  Getting back to the core definition of Green, it is about health and the health of people in any defined system.  So, a healthy building is a matter of the "Health Quotient" measured not by the power use, recycling program. the building materials, or water saving system.

Take note of the opposite of a healthy building where the normal condition is an orderly and efficient workplace.  Yet, workers are troubled by unexplained headaches and period of fatigue.  Occasionally, the more sensitive worker experience intense reactions that others do not.  If the records were reviewed, the number of sick days will be excessive, and unnecessary.

Even the best, most efficient, or even modern workplace may have a health deficit.  If not just from the building materials or the HVAC system, a major problem may be from the cleaning program.  Like adding soap to an aquarium, there is a slow and steady reason why the fish get sick and die.

The gallons and gallons of cleaning products brought each week have a cumulative, hostile impact on the building ... and the workers.  There is no doubt that the cleaning service the fault and the cure for an unhealthy building.  While seeking the cheapest bid for the cleaning service, companies attract the least capable companies who must cut each and every corner to stay profitable.  So, training workers, preferred products, and the small improvements that can help or hurt the workplace are little more than empty promises as though fingers were crossed behind the back.

The Green workplace is an ongoing synergy of proactive contributions that include the level of commitment by the cleaning service that exceeds clean buildings or shiny floors.  That is accomplished by a GCI Silver Firm is the only choice for a healthy building and workforce.  

In the belief that any good change starts with education, the GCI Silver firm requires workers to be trained and certified for Green cleaning.  This lays the foundation for the proactive process of improvement of the service to include a variety of Green and healthy practices and products.  The result is the fundamental changes that can and will produce a higher level of health for everyone.

The transition to a Green and healthy workplace is simple.  If your service is not a GCI Silver firm, ask that they take the simple steps to implement the program.  The success of the program is seen in the use of the GCI Green Cleaned Building that provides a well-defined points system to prove that program is applied to your building.