Green Product Certification from GCI

Green Product CertificationGreen Certified Cleaning ProductsHow does anyone know if your Green product is Green or pretending to be Green?  Website claims can be very misleading.  And, advertising has nearly no limits.  That is why the Green Clean Institute has set the standard for truth in Green advertising.  The Green Clean Institute seal stands for more than an honestly Green product.  We verify that the claims are fair, do not leave out negative facts, and can be trusted as an environmentally-safe product.

The Green Clean Institute is not a testing lab.  Lab work is offered by applicants to support claims.  In the end, the public wants to purchase products that live up to the advertised promises.  Therefore, our goal is to research the product ingredients, check for overt health issues, and to review the SDS and lab results.  

By comparison, the Green Clean Institute Certified is accomplished for much less cost than Green Seal and in thirty to sixty days.  We feel that this is an important service as serious third-party certifications assure the buying public that the claims are not advertising hype.

For example, it is not uncommon for a product to add something that sounds good, like aloe vera; but the rest of the ingredients are not Green at all.  Nonetheless, the company will launch a bold marketing advertising campaign that makes the product seem incredibly Green and environmentally-safe.  Sometimes, a product will contain a problem ingredient or two, but a new formulation lowers the problem ingredients to acceptable levels.  Reformulation is a deceptive way that allows an offensive product to be reborn as a shadow Green version. 

Claims like organic, natural, eco-friendly, and environmentally-safe are loosely interpreted; and are more often than not misleading.  Our review probes for truth or deception behind the advertised claims.  We ask the hard questions whether product claims are supported by facts and lab reviews, and we double check the ingredient list against the dangerous ingredients list published by EPA, NFPA, NIH, CERLA, or SARA.  This is a kind of Due Diligence for any product you care to bring into your company's program.

There is now no excuse for ignoring a simple and honest review process for any product.  The Green Clean Institute Certified seal is a point of pride for any manufacturer, and we review a wide variety of products.  Excessive cost and lengthy review processes tend to prevent manufacturers from seeking a third-party review.  But, the only reason any self-endorsed Green product does not pursue the Green Clean Institute Certified review may be that they have something to hide.

It's not Green unless it is actually Certified Green