Green Cleaning Through the Years

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007 and forever changed how the world thinks of cellphone technology. Now, everything from email to real-time traffic information is at people’s fingertips at all times.

Despite the benefits of switching to a smartphone, however, there are still holdouts who refuse to let go of their antiquated flip phones or old-school Blackberries.

The same thing is happening with cleaning chemicals, experts say. Although 95 percent of building service contractors use at least a few green products, according to Contracting Profits’ “2017 BSC Market Report,” there are still plenty of naysayers who won’t ditch traditional chemicals. 

“It’s like trying to run a business with a rotary phone in the 21st Century,” says Dave Thompson, Director of Corporate Education for Green Clean Institute and Director of Education for GEM Supply, Orlando, Florida.

BSCs who refuse to go green often say the products don’t work as well as and are much more expensive than traditional chemicals. Those excuses, experts say, are based on outdated perceptions.

“I see it everyday: BSCs still stuck in doing things the way we did it 25 years ago,” says Thompson. “Back then, the chemicals were too expensive and didn’t always work, but that’s not what is going on now. They’re relying on feelings from decades ago to make their judgements today.”

For BSCs still resisting green cleaning, it’s time to take another look at environmentally friendly chemicals.

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