Green Cleaning Starts with your Workforce

Green Clean Worker TrainingGreen does not come in a bottle.  It comes from the people who do the work having the knowledge, products, tools, and supervision of the cleaning service.  This concept is more than words, but the reality that Green is predominately about people, not buildings.  Buildings are inanimate and do not maintain themselves.  Left uncared for, a building falls into disrepair, filth, and decay.  Building need people probably more than people need buildings.

Therefore, the Green Clean Institute views a Green and sustainable program as what we do to maintain a healthy and smart balance around us.  Further, the one common need for people, buildings, and communities is cleaning and maintenance.  This cannot be over-emphasized because it is so easily overlooked.  Cleaning and maintenance is often done late at night or when others are not around.

We highly value the frontline workers and strongly suggest that the best cleaning services are the result of the best workers.  Training and certification of the cleaning staff is no small issue.  It is an investment into the overall performance of the cleaning service that results in a better service for the accounts served.  To that end, the Green Clean Institute has offer the best training in the janitorial sector without getting tedious about information that doesn't improve the service.

Because of the heavy turnover of the cleaning workers, the training needs to be available 24/7 and easy to access.  The GCI Green Cleaning Technician is composed of six twenty-minute videos and an online test.  For new hires, start with the orientation course, Basic Training Course, then move onto the six Green cleaning video courses.

Investing in your staff means that the cleaning service needs to pay attention to the products, tools, and equipment as they wear out.  The perfect time to upgrade is NOW, and that means the purchasing agent needs to take the same training and take to heart the ideas that are being taught to the workers.  There is no need for arguments and upset.  If workers are willing to adopt the best practices you promote, keep training them.  If not, just show them the door.

The other factor to a good cleaning service is routine inspections.  Owners and managers should visit the accounts during and after the service has been delivered.  Make notes of what is right and wrong, and bring these notes to the attention of the staff.  The quality of the work is always better when there is inspections designed to deliver the top quality.  This is true even when the account is not complaining.  Someone is always watching and noticing the small things.

At the very first job I had cleaning an office, I cleaned out the candy jar in the managers office along with the normal duties.  He got back to the company and commended them because that jar had been untouched for months.  He was curious if anyone would take the initiative to clean the empty candy jar.

Toxic WorkplaceWe know that cleaning can be predominately about the BUILDING.  Cleaning can be simple a job and the chores needing to be finished in the allotted time.  

We continue to believe that cleaning is about PEOPLE first and buildings second.  The people who clean the building.  the people who work in the building.  And, the people in the community that are also affected by the activities in their community.  

Given good instruction, tools, and leadership; cleaning is a job done well or poorly.  But, look beyond a clean building and see the people who will spend forty years of their lives in these buildings.  In those forty odd years, they are being exposed to a toxic or semi-toxic environment that wears away their immunity, their youth, and their future health.  

Which is more important?  A cheap cleaning services that seeks only to do the job and move to the next, or the condition they create by ignoring good and proven Green cleaning practices.

It is incredibly important to change the underlying mission of cleaning.  Clean for Health first, and Appearance second.  Join the training membership program of the Green Clean Institute and learn how GCI promotes the core principles of Green cleaning to produce health buildings and Green cities.