Green Cleaning Service and CFL Bulbs

Disposing of CFL BulbsCharacter is sometimes defined as doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.  So, the character of a Green cleaning service may be good or bad, but since no one is there to watch ... who knows?  If you are curious, you might want to find out if your cleaning service properly disposes of CFL or florescent bulbs as the law requires.  

The fact is that CFL and florescent bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, and if pushed into the landfills, could polluted underground water sources.  Sure, the odds are small that this may occur.  But, imagine how many of these bulbs are used by homes and businesses each year.

There is a proper disposal method to dispose of CFL and florescent bulbs.  Many stores selling these bulbs have a place to bring in your old bulbs.  For a cleaning service, poorly instructed workers  do not know that these items should not go into the trash.  If you see them in your trash canister, this is a technical violation and evidence of a cleaning service that does understand the Green and sustainable basics that should be well understood by now.

Most cleaning services hire people with minimal skills and provide no training.  They use the faulty "Follow Me" training program where one ill-informed worker trains the next person.  

This is one of many reasons that a cleaning service needs to have a well-developed training program that is super-easy to administrate.  The Green Clean Institute offers 100% online, worker training delivered by true professionals on a 24/7/365 basis.  We have made these videos to be viewed on smartphones, iPads, computers, or big screens in front of a whole group.

Basic Cleaning Training courseThe Green Clean Institute offers the GCI Basic Cleaning course for all "New Hires".  This ORIENTATION course is everything a manager would want to say to the new hires so they understand what is required by every worker.  This is one video, and easy to implement as a requirement for all new hires.  The Green Clean Institute wants to help every cleaning service improve their service.  So the GCI Basic Cleaning Course is free to use for all new hires.

GCI Green Cleaning courseFor all your workers, the GCI Green Cleaning Technician is six twenty minute videos that have a test to earn the GCI Green Cleaning Technician certificate. This is literally the best training program on the market, and allows your staff to understand the "Best Practices" for cleaning.  The importance of health is getting much more serious now that the Department of Labor has included chemical sensitivities as a "Disability" that they will now enforce.

We believe that Green cleaning does not come from the few, improved products your service may adopt, but from the cleaning staff who understand the important aspects of a Green and healthy building.  Your cleaning staff may change from week-to-week, or month-to-month.  How can we keep the worker turn-over from destroying the quality of the work?  That is partially the job of management, but is seriously the the result of an educated and skilled workforce.

There you have it!  The Green Clean Institute has develop a quality, professional, ON DEMAND training system that any service can bring onboard in a "Plug and Play" process.  The GCI Basic Cleaning course and GCI Green Cleaning Technician course are always available so your staff is always ready to deliver the best cleaning service in town.