Green Cleaning is Long-Term Thinking

Effect of dirt on hard floors

The cleaning expert differ widely about how many cutting edges sand, grit, or dirt has.  All agree that unswept hard floors are constantly under attack by the girt that constantly enters buildings.

Sands and grit may have zero to 60 cutting edges depending on the type and wear of the dirt in the building.  There is no correct answer except that anyone collect some dirt after sweeping the floor and feel the abrasive power of the millions of fine particles.  The question of cutting edges is academic.  Every floor surface will be worn away by the dirt, sand, and grit that in brought in by the ordinary traffic.  Other issues is the quantity of sand compared to dirt.  Some areas have more abrasive dirt than others, but dirt is always the enemy of hard or soft floors.  

Dirt and grit wears away thar floor finish and cuts the fibers of carpets.  

All this is to make a point that has many parallel illustrations.  Cleaning is not just about appearance.  Appearance is superficial and momentary.  Green and healthy cleaning adopts a longer vision than the rush to finish the basic cleaning chores.  In our example, sweeping is an immediate duty, but proper maintenance requires more thought.  

Keeping a couple of door mats at the door entry is not just about slip and fall concerns on wet and snowy days.  The entry mats collect the dirt and grit from shows as well as water and snow.  In turn, keeping the entry mater aggressively cleaned is just as important.  

Poor cleaning habits will prematurely wear away the floor finish and cut paths in carpeted areas.  This adds to cost, but the cleaning, stripping, and refinishing of hard floors adds to the VOCs in the building.  So, short-term thinking is simple cleaning.  Long-term cleaning is Green cleaning.  

The toxic workplace is caused by cheap, short-term, and ill-informed decisions.  More than building construction, what about the ongoing maintenance program?  You can build a fine building in a year or less, but the cleaning program can last 100 years!  Every week dozens of gallons of cleaning products are brought in, trash taken out, pesticides applied, paint applied, and chemicals (like antiseptics and such) used by various services.  Where does all those chemicals go?  Actually, they remain the building combining with dust, dirt, and biofilm.

Green cleaning, therefore, is not a ramped-up, Green-hyped cleaning service.  The staff needs to be trained, the management needs a clearer vision, and the choice of products by the purchasing agent.  

To this end, the Green Clean Institute has offered the best online training for staff and management.  In addition, the Green Clean Institute has promoted the basic program of Green Cleaning "Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning" as a checklist that a Green cleaning service to follow.  As a checklist, GCI Green certified cleaning firms can qualify their better accounts for the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.  This is an important standard that includes to long view for a healthy and well-maintained office or building.

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