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Best Janitorial ServiceGCI will help your Cleaning Service be the Best in the City

What if you could spend thousands of advertising dollars for a high-powered SEO and SEM marketing campaign?  We believe our cause to uplift the best janitorial services  in every town.  Best Janitorial Directory has years of credibility and we have invested in a huge marketing that has all the latest search engine power, including a mobile-friendly responsive website.

We believe that the BEST CLEANING SERVICES do more than professionally clean a building.  The BEST cleaning services deliver a healthy building through Green cleaning practices.  And, they should be able to deliver something more than an ill-trained crew to the workplace each night.  Trained and certified workers and a GCI Green Certified Firm not only do a better job, they can qualify a building or office with the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.  

The GCI Green Cleaned Building award is not hype.  The award is earned by real effort, transparent, and nationally recognized by the Green Clean Institute.  GCI Green Cleaned buildings are healthier buildings and a source of pride in the community.

Green Building AwardSo far, Green cleaning has been passive.  Cleaning service has included Green alternative products, shifted to HEPA vacuums, and use microfiber tools.  It is time to literally become proactive with a system that actually improves the quality of the indoor air.

In 2021, we now offer the IAQ Specialist course for one or more of your staff.  These trained and certified workers can conduct free IAQ evaluations and provide a report of the results.  The logical conclusion is that the account will want to provide a healthy environment for workers, which is actually required by law.  This put your cleaning service lightyears ahead of the other cleaning services.  

Here's What you get as a GCI Green Certified Firm:

  1. 24/7 online training and certification of your staff with our GCI Green Cleaning Technician course
  2. Certification of your cleaning service as a GCI Certified Firm with a trained and certified staff.
  3. Two 6" vinyl vehicle sticker to put on your vehicles
  4. Use of the GCI Certified logo on your advertising and website
  5. The option to train key workers with the GCI IAQ Specialist course, offer free IAQ testing, and provide a Green and effective solution to your customers.
  6. A listing on that attracts hundreds of cleaning service leads per your city.  And, these leads cost you NOTHING.  Customers get your phone number and a direct link to your website.  Why pay for Google or Directory ads when our highly promoted directory singles our your city for interested customers at no additional charge?  Reformatted in Jan of 2020 as a mega-website with a huge reach, we are spending thousands of search ad dollars, making a huge SEO effort, and growing a network of professional and Green cleaning services ... that costs you nothing for new leads.

How to Market your Cleaning ServiceThe typical membership fee is $640, so existing members keep their $540 annual fee.  Your firm gets all six features listed above and will discover that we have a master plan to help you out-market your competition with values they cannot match.

Benefit #7 -Show off your Staff and Company 

Every GCI certified staff member gets a beautiful certificate and an embroidered GCI Green Cleaning Technician patch for their shirt.  Think of impression of your staff with the GCI logo, your vehicles with the GCI certified logo, and several of your best account with the GCI Green Cleaned logo on the door.  This is the kind of advertising that costs you nothing, but leaves an impress.

Want More?  The GCI Green City Project allows city and environmental leaders to support the effort.  Less than 5% of buildings have any Green certification.  With the GCI Green City Project, all the tools and workers are already in place.  One-by-one, buildings can be certified as GCI Green Cleaned buildings, and the growth of that score is something that any city can boast and promote.  See: Green City Project

The Green Clean Institute seeks to partner with worthy cleaning services in every city to boost the Best Cleaning Services in a powerful way.  LINK